Modern Photography in Rhode Island

Eloquent Images Photography, LLC … an extraordinary meshing of contemporary and photo-journalistic wedding photography, with a touch of traditionalist; all tied together with dynamic & fun pictures in a relaxing environment.


[el-uh-kwuh nt] adjective

affecting, articulate, forceful, meaningful, moving, outspoken, passionate, powerful, revealing, stirring, touching

Weddings are traditional, but personal expression makes the wedding day your own. We will not only capture the big picture, but will focus on details, from classy to funky. Weddings have people that are always laughing, loving, crying, breathing, and just plain living, which means there are always moments to be captured! Great photography is all about people, and using pictures to tell the story of their lives and their special events. One of the great pleasures of photography is capturing the essence of a person and a story. A wedding is nothing less than a great family story.

We’ve been asked by countless brides and grooms, “what will we do if it rains?” …. there’s a lot of things we can and will do, but our most popular response is, “bring some rubber boots and an umbrella, because we will be jumping in some puddles!” There’s plenty of quotes by some really smart people that we can add at this point, but I think we’ll just use a few easy ones, “Don’t worry about the things that you can’t control” & “Life is short, eat cake!” In other words, lets take what is given to us and have a blast!

Modern photography for today’s couples!

Eloquent Images Photography